How many hats does the Mini Entrepreneur wear?

by wamda,   April 28, 2011

Episode 6: Watch the Mini Entrepreneur juggle multiple jobs at his startup. How many different job titles do you have?

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Khaled Sadek , Sun 03.07.2011
اعتقد يجب ان يركز رائد الاعمال على بعض الوظائف التي يجيدها والتي في الاغلب تكون هي وظيفة شركته... مثلاُ اذا اردت انشاء موقع لشركتي .. لا يجب ان اعقد نفسي بمشاكل البرمجة والتصميم .. واضيع وقت ممكن الاستفادة به فيما اجيده بالشركة
Rasha AbuShamaa , Sat 07.05.2011
It is a benifit for entreprenur to do multiple jobs at first because as his business grows, he will always understand what it takes and he will have a better evaluation of the employees
Esraa Haidar , Fri 06.05.2011
The video really made me laugh , because it is so TRUE! . There are so many days when i feel that I am an accountant, sales person and Tea maker all at the same time . Even though its tough , its a process we entrepreneurs MUST go through and hopefully once we reach our success hat , we will look back and smile when we remember all the jobs we used to do. Part of success and growth is realizing that several hats must worn. Thank you Wamda !