Should Startups in the Middle East Keep an Eye on China? [Wamda TV]

by Gulay Ozkan,   November 2, 2011

Wamda contributor Gulay Ozkan talks to Duncan Clark, Chairman of advisory firm BDA in China and Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, about how investment in emerging markets is evolving, how China is moving to invest in the Middle East region, and why the world is becoming flat.

While Clark cautions that "You should think about China as competition no matter where you are in the world," he also notes that "Wherever there's a smart idea in the world, now there's a greater opportunity for it to be discovered."

His advice to entrepreneurs? You can learn a lot from people you never meet, but only interact with online. Yet it's still crucial to adapt to your local market and understand your customer, so do your homework.


Gulay Ozkan has more than 12 years experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. During this time, she has met more than a thousand entrepreneurs and evaluated many startups in incubation centers, techno-parks and universities. She was one of the key figures behind Turkey’s first technology incubation center, launched by Ericsson in 2000, where she worked with leading telecoms operators from China to South America. She and the team were instrumental in building the Turkish mobile VAS market. In 2007, Gulay founded GEDS Business, a consultancy company focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in technology industries across Europe and the Middle East. She is also the founding president of a Turkish project-management NGO called PMI TR. She holds a BSc and an MSc in electrical engineering from ITU in Turkey and UNL-Lincoln in the US. She can be found on her website, or on Twitter at @GulayOzkan.

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