Jordanian Animation House Kharabeesh Challenges Traditional Media [Wamda TV]

by wamda,   December 27, 2011


Wael Attili, Mohamad Asfour and Firas Al Ataybi share their entrepreneurial experience  co-founding Jordanian startup "Kharabeesh" in 2008, a cartoon publishing house that operates under mother company Think Arabia.

The co-founders discuss their capacity to challenge frustrations and problems and transform them into positive motivation to improve their work, and discuss why it's important to spread socially conscious messages about Arab societies that address political, social, religious and even children's issues. They share the ways in which they brainstorm to nail the topics that traditional media doesn't dare to come near.

Wael Attili, Mohamad Asfour and Firas Al Ataybi are high-impact entrepreneurs who were selected by Endeavor, a worldwide organization that helps promising entrepreneurs unleash their potential by providing access to seasoned business leaders, strategic advice, mentorship and inspiration.

You can find Endeavor on Twitter and Facebook.

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