How Online Community Jeeran Pivoted to Boost Regional Expansion [Wamda TV]

by wamda,   December 30, 2011

Laith Zraikat and Omar Koudsi speak about how they channeled their abilities and ambitions into starting up online community Jeeran in Jordan. Zraikat explains how recently, Jeeran pivoted into a new vision, generating very localized content by providing its community with information about what's happening in cities throughout the Arab World (causes, events, restaurants, etc..) and publishing them for people to comment on and connect around. This helps consumers narrow their choices and spend their time more efficiently.

Koudsi explains how this is facilitating Jeeran's regional expansion, and describes how the daily challenges of running Jeeran are his favorite part of being an entrepreneur.

Laith Zraikat and Omar Koudsi are high-impact entrepreneurs who were selected by Endeavor, a worldwide organization that helps promising entrepreneurs unleash their potential by providing access to seasoned business leaders, strategic advice, mentorship and inspiration.

You can find Endeavor on Twitter and Facebook.

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