Mobile vs. Internet vs. TV: Who Wins in the Arab World? Part Three: The Power of Mobile [Wamda TV]

by wamda,   January 27, 2012

Abed Agha, the founder of digital media company Vinelab, discusses how smartphones are opening up cost effective options for creating independent content. Agha also works with leading mobile app platform Mobile Roadie, which has helped MBC Group, Al Aan TV, Sport360 develop mobile platforms.  

Mohammad Harib, creator of popular Emirati animated series Freej, responds to Agha's point by illustrating the roadblocks that continue to discourage creativity in content creation in the realm of TV broadcasting. 

Harib encourages TV stations to invest in more creative, unique content, while hedging their overall risk by diversifying their revenue streams from broadcast advertising alone, to include mobile platforms, licensing, and franchising.

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