‏Hari Kesevan to speak about Demystifying Entrepreneurship at DIC

by wamda, April 12, 2012

‏Hari Kesevan to speak about Demystifying Entrepreneurship at DIC
‏Part of the Excellence Series hosted by Dubai Internet City‪,‬ Hari Kesavan Chairman and founder of UniPropitia will be speaking on Wednesday April 25th‪,‬ 2012 at the Thuraya Hall in DIC bld‪.‬ ‪#‬3‪,‬ about demystifying Entrepreneurship‪.‬

Key learnings out of this session are‪:‬
‏‪-‬ Learn to be an innovator
‏‪-‬ Learn to identify every opportunity around you to create new ventures
‏‪-‬ Understand the nuances of starting a business
‏‪-‬ How to recession proof your career‪?‬
‏Hari Kesevan is a seasoned serial entrepreneur and technology executive with over 20 years of experience in the technology Industry‪,‬ he has founded two successful technology companies in a short span of 12 years in the United States‪.‬ Hari spearheaded Percipia‪,‬ one of the companies‪,‬ from a small technology startup to a publicly traded company with a market capitalization of over US‪$‬ 100 million‪.‬

You can click here for more information on the registration.

DATE: 25-25 Apr 2012
TIME: 07:00 am
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