Seed Forum Abu Dhabi

by wamda, April 19, 2012

Seed Forum Abu Dhabi‭ is taking place‬ on Wednesday the 25th of April 2012‭ ‬at the Emirates Palace‭ ‬Hotel, sponsored by The Belleau Wood Group‭. ‬

Seed Forum is a global organization that offers individual investors‭, ‬venture funds‭, ‬investment‭ ‬ companies‭, ‬and other key finance intermediaries a first hand insight into a selected group of‭ ‬ innovative global companies that aspire to expand their businesses internationally‭. ‬The second‭ ‬Seed Forum Abu Dhabi will present 9‭ ‬investor ready companies from Scandinavia and the MENA‭ ‬region‭.

More‭ ‬information is available at‭. ‬

DATE: 25-25 Apr 2012
TIME: 01:00 pm
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