Bringing a Turkish High Heel Brand to the Arab World [Wamda TV]

by wamda,   October 25, 2012

Harun Güner and Berk Alevi of Butigo, a Turkish women’s high heel company, discuss the creation of their own unique brand of high heel shoes for women at the Webrazzi Summit 2012.

You might not think that two men want to build high heeled shoes, but Butigo, a 212 Ltd portfolio company, designs their own merchandise and, instead of facing competition from Namshi or other e-commerce fashion sites, tries to compete mostly with mostly offline brand names by designing and selling high-end shoes for less.

The team also feels that by understanding what female consumers in Turkey want, they will be able to understand consumers in the Arab World as well. Check out their approach to entering the MENA market. 

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antie ansdn , Mon 26.05.2014
Creating such a company that would produce high heeled shoes for women is not an easy task, the most difficult part is to find the right design that female consumers would love and find a way on how to make the products competitive on the market. I entered their on-line store and ordered two different models for my wife, now I must shop for biker belt buckles that would combine with the shoes style and I am sure my wife will love such kind of surprise.