Wamda Capital Announces its First Ten Investments

by Nina Curley, October 30, 2012

Since its launch early this year, Wamda Capital has been on an investment blitz, actively funding leading companies in the Middle East and North Africa.

You may have heard of some of the fund's other investments  as well as its agreements with various regional incubators, in previous posts or at conferences, but here's the full list of the ten startups that Wamda Capital has invested in this year:

It has funded Akhtaboot, Duplays, Nextly, Qordoba, SocialWire, Woopra, Books.com.eg, ShopGo, Supermama, and Ubanquity. As stated on the Wamda Capital page, the fund looks for "game changing entrepreneurs" who are building remarkable companies.

The sector-agnostic fund typically invests at the early stage, between $50,000 and $500,000, with an average ticket size of $250,000, and oftens co-invests with other regional and international investors.

(It's worth noting that Wamda Capital and Wamda Media are two separate arms; any coverage of a Wamda Capital company will come with full discloure about our investment once the investment has closed. Wamda Media's mandate is to cover all startups throughout the region fairly.)

For more on the three major arms of Wamda, read about Wamda's approach to filling the existing gaps in the ecosystem

The career network.
Akhtaboot is an online career network that is committed to providing a user-friendly, effective, and efficient way to match the right talent with the right career opportunity in the MENA region.


Get fit, be social, and play sports!
Duplays connects people who share sport passions to great sport activities where they can participate in leagues, tournaments, events and classes. Duplays is the UAE's largest sport and social club and is a sport leagues and events platform creating accessible, inclusive and social sport experiences for members, while innovating and adapting to sporting community needs.

Smarter, Faster and Better browsing.

Just give it a try.

Fastest, easiest way for customers to take their content global.
Qordoba is a web-based content creation company which works with a distributed team of leading freelance translators and editors to deliver fast, convenient, and high quality translation and editing jobs to clients.
Enabling the next generation of social and personalized marketing.
SocialWire optimizes premium retailer sites for Facebook Open Graph and helps them advertise more efficiently and effectively on Facebook.



Live Analytics and Customer Engagement. Anytime, Anywhere, All in One Place.
Launched in 2008, Woopra pioneered real-time analytics back when even the term “real-time” was uncommon. Today, Woopra continues to disrupt the industry, giving businesses the power to instantly turn live data into actions and results. Woopra delivers unified real-time web analytics and customer engagement tools from a single, easy-to-use platform.
Arabic books to the World.
An Egyptian based eCommerce startup, opened on the World Wide Web in May 2011 and today offers the World the opportunity to buy authentic Arabic books. Books.com.eg seeks to be the World's ultimate source for Arabic books of all kinds.
You focus on your business and we'll focus on keeping it online.
ShopGo helps retailers to be eTailers at a price that every business can afford. Retailers can focus on their site’s content and ShopGo will focus on keeping it running. Big, small, or in between.
Dedicated to helping you find your inner “SuperMama”.
SuperMama is an online and mobile platform for the modern busy mother, providing an array of tools and advice on different aspects of her life, including;  pregnancy, parenting, home, nutrition and self.  This is the first online parenting community in Egypt thats  providing mother and child products and services on a niche platform.  
Mobile core banking providers
Ubanquity provides mobile core banking solutions that run on smart phones. Ubanquity’s SaaS offering includes Mobile Banking, Mobile Personal Finance, and Mobile Payment solutions. Banks can reduce traffic to their retail branches while offering a comprehensive, enjoyable, and personalized customer experience.
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