Why Entrepreneurs Don't Need MBAs to Succeed: MixNMentor Dubai Panel Part 2 [Wamda TV]

by wamda,   December 24, 2012

In the second segment of our Wamda Mix n' Mentor event in Dubai, angel investors Fadi Ghandour and Joi Ito and entrepreneurs Muhammed Mekki of Namshi and Brian Sigafoos of Duplays gathered for a final panel moderated by Wamda CEO Habib Haddad.

What are the most import traits that you look for in an entrepreneur when you want to invest or support him?, Habib asks Joi.

The best strike a balance between focusing and looking for opportunities, he says. "Execution and focus mean putting your blinders on, which is important when you are doing the sprint, but then you have to be able to look up and say, 'Wait, this isn't working.'"

Haddad then queries Ito on his dislike of MBAs and quickly pivots to ask Muhammed Mekki why he got his MBA. 

In an amusing exchange, Muhammed explains why both getting an MBA and working for McKinsey- another no-no according to Joi- were strategic decisions that helped him first understand the Silicon Valley ecosystem during his MBA and then the Saudi market as he worked as a consultant. 

The panel then discusses how fashion e-commerce site Namshi optimized its entry into the Saudi market by working with Aramex.

Want more tips from our Mix N' Mentor panel? Check out what our panelists had to say about:

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casper red , Fri 11.04.2014
Its a very good point to be discussed regarding the need of MBAs for the Entrepreneurs. Even with out this they become so established and it is a fact.

I feel that grabbing the best opportunity is that all matters here. I liked the read. Good one
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Faiza AN , Thu 10.01.2013
Well being an MBA myself I would agree with his comments that our folks are more inclined about earning money within a short period of time. In India most of the B Schools use their campus placement records as a marketing tool to lure students. In my experience the majority aim for the best packages that the company offers and this is evident from their lack of interest in academics once they get placed. Also, I strongly believe that an MBA degree only makes analysts, consultants and managers and not entrepreneurs.