Palestinian Startup Magic Lens Provides Multimedia Solutions in Gaza [Wamda TV]

by Mariam Hamed,   January 31, 2013

Three young Palestinian entrepreneurs recently launched Magic Lens, a design startup offering multimedia services for clients in Gaza. The startup was incubated by the Business and Technology Incubator (BTI), which offered a physical space and mentorship for the young team up until the time they launched.

"We focus mostly on online marketing using Google Ad Words and social media channels because they allow us to target our desired audience, in addition to the fact that we actually go on the ground and meet directly with potential clients," explains photographer and designer Youssef Rebhi Al-Salasini.

Co-founder and Production Manager Ahmed Youssef Lafi also discusses their offerings, which include promotional videos and ads, video filming and editing, as well as designing branding bundles for companies.

The team doesn't seem worried about competition in Palestine, as co-founder and Graphic Designer Mohammad Yehia Siam says that the company focuses all its efforts on "differentiating their work by creating new ideas and high quality products."

Check out the full interview to see how the founders turned their idea into a reality at BTI and launched out of the incubator.

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