Windows Startup Challenge

by wamda, January 15, 2013

Microsoft, Startup Weekend and DEMO recently announced the Windows Startup Challenge, a global contest offering developers, designers and entrepreneurs a chance to accelerate their Windows app from prototype to development to launch.

Winners will get publicity, expert help, and connections to investors as well as a free trip to San Francisco to launch their app at DEMO Mobile 2013 in front of top-tier investors, VCs, and press.

Applicants from across the globe must submit a 2 minute video or presentation showing off their Windows app prototype before January 29th, 2013.

There are 2 rounds to the contest, the first will have applicants upload a prototype app and garner votes and judges’ support and the next will pair contestants with technical and design experts to fully flesh out their creation. 

To find further details, including prizes, or apply for the Challenge, click here.

DATE: 29-29 Jan 2013
TIME: 11:59 pm
VENUE: Online Submission
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