Lebanese Startup Kactus Reinvents the Mobile To-Do List [Wamda TV]

by wamda,   March 12, 2013


At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, we chatted with Nadi Chemali, the co-Founder of Kactus, an iPhone app in Lebanon that provides guidelines and instructions to help users, especially students, stay on schedule with specific tasks or deadlines.  

Chemali explains how the application works,  offering the example of someone who wants to travel to Dubai but doesn’t know what paperwork they need to complete to secure a visa. The app provides them with step-by-step guidelines for the process, integrating with their personal calendar to remind them about pending tasks.  

Kactus launched on January 2012 and specifically focuses on helping students while they apply for scholarships or university. The startup received USD $78,000 of funding from Lebanese accelerator Seeqnce and will graduate by the end of March.

Watch this short interview where Chemali speaks about scaling the company across the region.

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