Training Businesses in Social Media Marketing, SoshTeck in Oman [Wamda TV]

by wamda,   March 14, 2013


At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Saba Al Busaidi of social media training company SoshTeck in Oman discusses how she recently joined the company as an investor and co-founder.

Though social media is essential to any online marketing strategy today, Al Busaidi says that in Oman many companies, especially older ones just recently going online, don’t give enough attention to social networks. She says that effective social media strategies take time to learn and SoshTech hopes to provide that knowledge for their clients.

In this interview, Al Busaidi chats about ministers who use Twitter to communicate with the public, her take on the future of Omani entrepreneurship, and where the company plans to scale next.

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Good luck to Saba and her partner,
Wamda its great seeing you covering Omani entrepreneurs.