Launching Wamda Juice, New Supplement To Boost Your Inner Entrepreneur

by Habib Haddad, April 1, 2013

Wamda JuiceWe are excited to announce Wamda Juice, the new entrepreneurial supplement booster. Our researchers have been working for years on this and after a lot of testing and a few unfortunate incidents we think we have the right formula.

You no longer need that "brilliant idea" or to work on your skillsets, forget the mentors or even the long hours; with Wamda Juice you can have it all in one sip.

Beware; side effects include serious delusions of being a serial entrepreneur, overconfidence in being able to raise millions in a couple of weeks, a strong desire to expand to Jamaica and mild headaches.

The Juice is only available on April 1st which happens to coincide with April fools' day! On another more serious note make sure you keep it real, work hard and surround yourself with a strong support system. Read this piece about the 10 myths of being an entrepreneur


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Rose Fields , Fri 18.07.2014
With Wamda juice I guess anyone can become a great entrepreneur. It seems like it truly is the new supplement to boost the inner entrepreneur in you. I am sure everyone will work hard make a strong support system.
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