How Jordanians are using the internet [Infographic]

by Ahmed Gabr, July 29, 2013

Although internet penetration in Jordan is only around 48%, those who do use the internet have been incredibly active. Of the 1.5 million internet users in Jordan, 90% of women and 87% of men use social networks; the vast majority of internet users are men between 20 and 30 years old.

Jordan's entrepreneurs are taking advantage of growing internet penetration, innovating and finding international recognition at Silicon Valley-based incubators like 500 Startups and Plug and Play.

The below infographic (in Arabic), created by Y2D in collaboration with Ipsos, reveals stats about Jordan’s internet users, including which topics they like to talk about online, and what content types are most popular.

Here are a few highlights from the infographic:

  • Men spend more time on social networks than women, with an average of one hour and 37 minutes; women spend around 50 minutes on average.
  • Video streaming websites are among the most popular in Jordan; the visit rate is almost equal between men, with a 61% visit rate, and women at 62%.  
  • In Jordan, men spend around 56 minutes watching news online per day while women spend only 30 minutes.
  • Internet users aged 41 years old and above constitute 11% of the total number of internet users in Jordan.

Check out the full infographic below or click on it for a larger image.

Update: The above text has been edited to reflect Ipsos's data showing an internet penetration rate of 48% in Jordan.


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