Jordanian student entrepreneurs build mobile sign language translator for the deaf [Wamda TV]

by wamda,   July 31, 2013


At the recent World Economic Forum Meeting, we caught up with Sofiane Abed El Jalil and Ahmed Aboughunam, both students at Al-alBayt University in Jordan who are working on a mobile Arabic-English sign language database.

The app transforms words spoken into the phone, in both English or Arabic, into its corresponding sign language form, which is demonstrated by a character on screen, making it easier for deaf users to understand others with their smartphone.

With a database of 66,000 words and 700 recorded videos so far, the app can translate single words and whole sentences. Check out the short interview above to learn more about the app's development and the team's future plans.

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alex wifi , Mon 21.07.2014
That was really amazing. Well done guys, sincere thanks to Jordanian student who built this translator. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.
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