Tech Crunch Disrupt Europe - Arabic Pavilion

by wamda, July 31, 2013

Tech Crunch Disrupt is a technology conference taking place in Berlin, Germany on October 26-29, bringing startups, industry experts, and other guests to the stage to share and pitch new ideas and innovations from around the world.

The event includes a Hackathon, a “Startup Battlefield,” and Startup Alley, which this year will include an Arabic Pavilion for Arab startups to showcase their work with the opportunity to be chosen by the crowd as the most promising startup for the chance to present on stage in the Startup Battlefield.

Check out last year’s event in the video below. After registering for the conference, qualifiying Arab startups can participate in the Startup Alley's Arabic Pavilion. Note: The Arabic Pavilion will only be held if enough Arab startups register for the conference and express interest. Let us know your interest by emailing lara[at] 

DATE: 26-29 Oct 2013
TIME: 09:00 am
VENUE: Berlin, Germany
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