How WebTeb is overcoming challenges to starting up in Palestine [Wamda TV]

by wamda,   July 25, 2013


At the World Economic Forum Meeting in Jordan this May, Mahmoud Kaiyal, founder of Palestinian medical Arabic platform WebTeb, discusses how he aims to raise awareness around medical issues and wellness in the region.

In this short interview, Kaiyal explores the challenges faced by Palestinian startups, explaining why WebTeb had to open offices in Jordan to facilitate tasks related to marketing and advertising in the region. He also mentions difficulties in getting funding in Palestine, noting that this problem is not necessarily specific to Palestine, but to the whole region.

Despite Palestine’s political and economic situation, Kaiyal is proud of the talent available in-country; many young people he has interviewed have strong technical skills which, as he says, "is a great value to Palestine.”

Check out the interview above for more on the challenges of building a startup in Palestine.

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andrew suci , Sun 27.07.2014
I have watched the entire video and I am really amazed by Mahmoud`s ideas about raising awareness around medical issues and wellness in his country. My mother has a friend that sends her products from abroad because she could not find such great products here, hopefully there will be people interested in Mahmoud`s ideas that will help a lot of people including my mother to have access to better medicines in the region they live.