Rural Lebanese SME's

by Caroline Daher Khalife, January 21, 2013

“Ajajine” or “Jar” in English is a cylindrical shaped pot, often made ​​of glass, porcelain or pottery elderly used to preserve water, food and valuables items such as gold. They can be from different sizes, different types and from different origins. But they are used for the same objective: Preserving food, insure life sustainability and gain security.

This concept represents perfectly the micro-businesses in our Lebanese regions. Installed, owned and managed by Men, Women, Adults, or youths; designing new concepts, responding to new needs or professionalizing an old family businesses; they have the same aim: express themselves, live their passions, achieve their dreams and goals, insure life sustainability and gain economic security.

What is up in these Rural Entrepreneurship regions? Let’s give some room to Rural Entrepreneurs. Don’t miss this section.  Enjoy Ajajine’s articles, videos, caricatures, photos and reportages...

In my articles I will tell more of those stories and share my experience with these exceptional persons. Stay tuned!

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