Landscaping in Stouffville

by Denim Albert, June 2, 2015

Just how important is the landscaping of your home in Stouffville? It’s probably more important than you think. And in more ways

While many people don’t think twice about the landscaping around their homes and merely make sure everything is kept tidy, others seem to realize the many benefits that a well-maintained professionally-designed landscape can offer.

But living in a quaint small town like Stouffville can make it almost necessary to have a well-groomed landscape, whether you have a landscaping company take care of it or you do it yourself.

Many people choose to live in Stouffville because it’s living history. From the Heritage Railway to the Stuoffville market, local history makes it incumbent on today’s homeowners to carry on the heritage that makes Stouffville an enviable place to live. In other words, if you don’t upkeep your Landscaping Markham Ontario, it’s like you’re letting down your neighbours and the entire town.


But even if you’re not too interested in what the neighbours think, or what Stouffville’s heritage represents, there are many more bottom-line oriented reasons to make sure your home’s landscaping is the best it can be.

As a desirable community, there is heightened demand for homes in Stouffville.  On the plus side, that means heightened demand for you home when it comes time to sell. And the potential to sell it for more than a similar home in a different community.

Many homebuyers decide whether to place a bid on a home within minutes of first seeing it. That means a home’s “curb appeal’ is a very important factor in how many bids your home will attract, and the value of those bids.

While it’s costly and time consuming to extensively renovate the exterior your home at least enough to make it significantly more attractive to a buyer, landscaping can be substantially improved for much less, while still making your home look a lot more attractive.

Most homeowners underestimate the positive effect of professional landscaping on the overall look of their home. And the overall value of it too.