Fashion E-retailer, Daloo3a, Takes Arab Fashion by Storm

by Faisal Kawar, January 16, 2013

Fashion E-retailer was launched in London by young aspiring Arab entrepreneurs on January 15, 2013 showcasing the hottest clothing and accessories only from the most creative and unique emerging designers in the Arab world and beyond.  

Daloo3a is the newest online fashion boutique with the aim of connecting consumers from the UK and the Arab world with designer luxury good at modest price points.

From Samer Marzouq at "Daloo3a translates from the Arabic word for “spoilt”; a fitting description for the variety of choice on the fashion site. The expertise lies within Daloo3a’s creative team, who travels to source fresh talent and scout the best fashion schools and exhibitions worldwide. Only designers who Daloo3a believes to have strong potential and who create products with a true sense of style will get the chance to go onboard and establish themselves on a global platform.

The concept was the brainchild of university friends Lana Khoury and Kaku Saeed, who seized the opportunity to showcase emerging designers from around the world. Fusing Lana’s strong passion for and knowledge of the fashion industry, with Kaku’s acute business acumen, the venture has gained attention from a multitude of users within the industry – potential buyers, consumers and enthusiasts." 

For more information, please visit

Facebook: Instagram: DALOO3A_UK

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