Shutter Bay Windows - Types And Uses

by calvin henebery, August 13, 2015

Types of bay windows shutters

Generally, there are two available types of bay windows shutter. They include: box bay shutters and splay box shutters. Both of them are enhanced by adding plantation shutters.

Box bay shutters: these shutters are used together with corner posts where they are mostly suitable in UPVC windows. Separate internal box bay window shutters are ideal for use when the window has various architectural post designs.

Splay box shutters: these types are not common with most manufacturers. They treat the windows in sections since they are made as individual shutter.

Why are curtains not suitable for dressing bay windows?

Bay windows are very hard to cover sometimes. However, they provide a beautiful and elegant feature to any room. This has necessitated the use of shutters unlike curtains which tend to absorb dust particles. Bay windows like the one found at come in various shapes and sizes. Therefore dressing a window so that it maintains its initial glory can be a hard test which will not be achieved by the use of curtains. The shutters are able to maintain the requirements of the bay windows through maintaining privacy as well as light control. Curtains are also weak and easily blow off in case of strong winds. Shutters are strong thus resist any strong winds during hurricane. They have even been used as window treatments for unusual shaped windows.

Plantation shutters and bay windows

Plantation shutters have increasingly become popular for use in furnishing bay windows in many developed countries. These blend very well in the shape of bay windows. They maintain the perfect lines in bays as well as enhance the aesthetics in a bay window. These shutters just like those found in s-craft will make your room look more spacious as well increase its value since it have a good appearance. More access of light is facilitated by the use of these shutters.

Generally, the purpose of a bay window is to allow more penetration of light compared to window flush having a wall line. This is done by increasing the surface area of the window and also varying the exposure of direct sunlight to the room at different durations of the day. However, sometimes they tend to increase the amount of heat due to the increase in surface area.

Plantation shutters have been proved to be amongst the most efficient solution of light to bay windows than any other available covering. The louvers present in bay windows are placed in various angles to manage light throughout the day. They are also more efficient in energy since they insulate your room. They retain heat during cold seasons and maintain a cooler living area during the warmer seasons.

What are some of the factors to consider in selecting shutter bay windows shutters?

Dressing of bay windows using shutters is a noble idea. Bay window shutters that are made with specifications of current modern standards have various uses that are more compared to the use of curtains. s-craft ensure that their shutters meet these standards that ensure optimal results in usage of the shutters. Some of the factors to consider when purchasing a bay window shutter include:


The life span is a vital consideration when choosing your shutter for bay window. In most cases, these shutters are fixed permanently in the room and should have minimum maintenance obligations. Bay windows in s-craft have a higher life span which make clients prefer them. The durability of the shutter bay windows is usually determined by the materials used to make the shutter. Wood particularly the basswood has been in use for a very long time and it is thus recommended since it last longer and require low maintenance. The shutter should be able to perform its initial functions even after a longer period of time. For instance protection from external disturbance and natural elements such as strong winds throughout the life span of the shutter bay window.


It is everyone desire to live in comfortable room. Bay window shutters usually serve some decorative purposes as well as raising the value of your house. They decorate your house more than the curtains themselves. Fitting of the shutters on windows make them clearly visible to the general outlook of the room. Thus decorative reasons is a major factor that ought to be considered before installing your shutter since it also serve as one of its functions. Morever, shutters are incorporated with the latest improvements and fashion to make them unique. s-craft have made progress in improving their products to match these trends in the shutter market. The material used for making the shutter makes a great impact during decoration purposes, for instance wood bay shutters can be painted with different colors to achieve the required design for decorative purposes. Decorated shutter bay windows are common in movie theatres.

Location of your house

Shutters help in reduction of noise. This noise can either be exterior or interior depending on the geographical location of the room. Noise involves distraction from the outside such as people deciding to have a long conversation outside your room. If your room is located in a busy street where there is hooting of vehicles, these shutters can help reduce this noise. Victorian bay window shutters are very suitable in noise reduction. Noisy neighborhood necessitate the use of bay window shutters.

Insulation purposes

Insulating your house means there is proper free flow of light and required warmth. Bay window shutters control weather elements such as temperature, humidity and sunshine. They mostly regulate the amount of light. Bay window shutters control the amount of light intensity entering in a room. These shutters can be block the sunlight completely or can only allow some minimal light into the room. Bay window shutters with fixed louvers are used in blocking the sunlight completely while bay window shutters with stationary louvers that are independent are used if you want to vary the amount light entering your house. This insulates your house in relation to your surrounding environment. This is thus an important aspect to consider when choosing your bay window shutter.