Window treatments for unusual shaped window

by calvin henebery, September 22, 2015

All shapes and sizes

Windows come in all different shapes and sizes. There are those which are as large as a door (and can serve as a door too) while others are small and have elaborate shapes. The most common shapes that oddly shaped windows have are; arched (half or semicircle), octagon shaped, oval shaped, imperfect arch, trapezoid, triangular, Palladian windows and so on and so forth.  Common windows which have an out of the ordinary shape are; bay windows, arched windows and skylights. These are the most commonly consulted window treatments for oddly shaped windows and frames. Many people find themselves in a predicament when it comes to covering oddly shaped windows for both decorative reasons and for privacy reasons.

Is it the architectural designer’s fault?

Some people might blame the architect who designed the window shape for the trouble they go through when trying to get window treatments for unusual shaped window or windows. There are some shapes which are quite common like an arch shape. The arch can be found in many homes, right above a window or a door. An arched window shape can also be found on Palladian windows. Palladian windows are large with the window in the middle being a combination of a huge rectangular window and a smaller arch shape on the upper part.  Apart from these windows and others such as bay windows, there are others whose shapes are just out of the ordinary. You can find an octagonal window, an oval one, a hexagonal one, trapezoidal windows or even circular windows. Others are irregularly shaped windows which have sharp angles and irregular sides. These designers however do not design them having put in mind the window treatment which will be used. Here, we will go into detail about these unusually shaped windows and their treatment.

A problem arises

There is one problem that arises when faced with the task to find an effective window cover for your odd shaped window. The problem is that it is hard to find a window treatment which will deliver both in terms of size and function. This means that the first problem you will run into will be trying to get a window for your unusual shaped window is getting a regular shaped window cover which will fit your window. This is tricky as you will find ones which are either too long or a bit too wide. If you get a good sized cover, you now have to deal with the functionality of the window cover. You will find that a shutter that would fit a regular window is now limited and cannot open fully. This results in a non functional window shutter which cannot deliver the full list of functionalities. For you to solve the problem of finding reliable window treatments for unusual shaped window you will have to be very creative and also do some research.

Creativity and research

When you find yourself in a tight situation due to a window which has an irregular shape, there is no need to panic. There might be someone who has previously had the very same problem at one point in time. This is where the research part comes in. Ideally, you should take some time and go on the internet to search for information on how to treat your unusually shaped window. Remember to go in whole heartedly because you will have to sift through many articles, comments and videos/ instructional to get a solution. If you are lucky and immediately get someone who had the same problem and got it solved then voila, you’re good to go. Also remember to keep calm and keep your mind open. Ask for ideas on forums, ask on social networks and try to get the best solution and window treatments for unusual shaped window.  Do not feel awkward when asking as you will also be asked how you did it after your quest is successful! Creativity comes in when the strategy of researching proves to be a bit tricky. When you find an answer that is half baked and not really solves your problem, a little creativity can go a long way into getting a good window cover. You can saw off the chunky edges and finish off the edges with sand paper and then painting the shutters. Try to work out a custom made design and see how it goes.

Custom made window treatment solutions

There are some companies like, which have realized a gap in the manufacturing of window shutters, covers and other window treatment solutions such as blinds. This has prompted them to introduce services which are customized for this niche of customers. Basically, you get the company to come and see your windows which need treatment. They will measure your window’s dimensions (simple length and breadth will not suffice for this case) and come up with a window shutter design which will fit exactly in that space. Furthermore, the window shutter will be functional and you will be able to open and shut them as you wish. The advantage with getting a custom made window treatment is that it will be made by a highly skilled craftsman and hence will be of superior quality. Many companies have started custom making window shutters for trapezoidal, octagonal and hexagonal shaped windows. Others have diversified in order to come up with the required window treatments for unusual shaped window.

Putting up blinds

Blinds might prove to be your best friend when you have an unusually shaped window. Putting up blinds will be good for your natural lighting needs as you can open them at any time and shut them if the light is sufficient. The problem that arises when using blinds is that you cannot open them without letting in a beam of light in a weird shape. Look for alternative methods for natural lighting if this is going to affect you. Another advantage that is got from putting up blinds over an unusual shaped window is the aesthetic value of the blinds. You can get whichever color you want for your décor needs. Have a custom made curtain box that will give the blinds enough space to cover the whole window.