Nina Curley

Razan Khatib

“ Web technologist & entrepreneur. CEO & Co-founder of Spring Technologies Ltd., Founder of Blue Lemon Labs creators of and ”

Ahmad Humeid

“ Designer, blogger and web entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO of SYNTAX. Co-founder of TootCorp (creators of, and Co-founder of Spring. Father of three… ”

Mohammed SAHLI

“ Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author and Web Developer with more than six years of experience. I am interested in enriching the Arabic web content and provide mechanisms for easy access to… ”

Eddie Taylor

“ Feature writer, magazine editor and now all-round word guru at Syntax Digital in Amman. ”

Mahmoud Shattel

“ "Failure is NOT existed, but there are uncompleted tasks/missions" Mah.Shtl Young & passionate guy, always looking for the best, and sometimes the hardest! Technically, Electrical… ”

Omar Samra

“ Founder @WildGuanabana | High-Altitude Climber | Adventurer | Motivational Speaker | A Passion 4 inspiring youth & environmental awareness ”

Walid Faza

“ Helping support Entrepreneurship in the MENSA region. ”

Gulay Ozkan

“ ”

Mehdi Dib

“ Co-Created an open collaborative production company called MAKKOUK where members ( writers, filmmakers, musicians, editors, remixers, artists... ) can contribute their work in various… ”