A community event focused on entrepreneurs


Mix N' Mentor is a one day event that brings together the community of entrepreneurs, mentors and industry experts in a casual but high energy setting, with an attendee-driven agenda. In November we are hosting 3 Mix N' Mentors (MnM) in 3 cities, Amman, Beirut and Dubai.

Places are limited so make sure you register now!


Registration starts at 11:00am 

Opening remarks at 11:30am

Lunch with mentors (12:00 - 14:30)

  • Entrepreneurs will rotate over different tables where they will be matched with new mentors and fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Each table will host a discussion for about 45 minutes about a unique startup challenge
  • At the end of the lunch, entrepreneurs will have built deep connections with a large number of mentors and fellow entrepreneurs in a short amount of time.
Lunch with Mentors
The Unconference (15:00 - 16:30)
  • Unlike typical conferences, there will be no set topic list. Entrepreneurs will get to pitch topics and attend sessions that they are passionate about.
  • Essentially, attendees will nominate topics that they'd like to discuss in breakout groups. All attendees can pitch topics and then vote on the options to determine the final sessions.
  • The most popular sessions will be turned into informal group discussions, with the nominees as leaders.

In November we are hosting 3 Mix N' Mentors (MnM) in 3 cities. Each of the events has something unique to it.

  • Dubai: MnM takes place right after the World Economic Forum summit and we invited a number of high profile mentors.
  • Amman: Co-organized with Oasis500 and Geeks On A Plane that will be visting from the Silicon Valley!
  • Beirut: Co-organized with AltCity, MnM takes place in the middle of GEW (Global Entrepreneurship Week), and Endeavor will be supporting the event through mentors.

Places are limited, so register as soon as possible.  Registrations are guaranteed and free of charge for WamdaCard holders


More cities coming soon, so stay tuned! 


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Andrew Hyde Fady Ghandour Joi Ito Dave McClure
Andrew Hyde Fadi Ghandour Joi Ito Dave McClure 
Founder of Startup Weekend Founder of Aramex Director of MIT Media Lab  Founding Partner at 500 Startups
Jesse Thomas Alexander Polvi Edith Yeung Sohrab Jahanbani
Jesse Thomas Alexander Polvi Edith Yeung Sohrab Jahanbani
Founder of JESS3 Entrepreneur Founding Partner at RightVentures Head of Sales and Marketing at LivingSocial