Can Mothers be Entrepreneurs?

by Pakinam ElBadry, January 21, 2013

Motherhood is a beautiful and challenging experience (it definitely is to me), when you become a mother you let go of a lot for the sake of your child, you can forgo your career, your passion, in other words, you let go of life as you know it. But then, does a mother have to let go of inspiration and passion to be considered a good mum? I believe not.

I am a mother of a beautiful little 2 year old girl who shines my whole world, and she has been a major inspiration for a new idea that sparked. She acts as a catalyst of support for me to build on my new passion. I am Co-Founder of "Mummy ChitChats," the First Social Mobile Application for Mothers in the Middle East (compatible on iPhone, Android and Blackberry).

Mothehrood is a wild rollercoaster ride, with its ups and downs, laughs and cries, it is a unique experience. When you are a mother, sometimes you feel isolated, unrelated, alone, which brings you down. Mothers need help, not physical, but rather emotional support, someone I'd feel has been in my shoes and help me overcome motherhood difficulties. And that is when Mummy ChitChats started to come up. A mothers network that is mobile (since most mothers have no time to access their computers) to make it handy, and is all about sharing experiences, it is social and supportive.

Mummy ChitChats is a support app for mothers, where they basically: download (FREE), add friends and start several chat groups with their fellow mothers, plus they can enjoy some extra features (directory of nurseries, pediatricians, set of tips and recipes, emergency numbers available, baby vaccine calendar for tracking, and more) that can help her throughout her motherhood journey. 

My daughter and my motherhood experinece are my passion and they are what keep me going on. I am a mother and I am an entrepreneur, it is hard but it is challenging as well. Motherhood is about creation, persistence and support and that is all mothers need to sustain their lives, emotionally and professionally.

It is true, motherhood brings out the best in you, just don't let your passion fly away.

Pakinam El Badry

A Mother and Mummy ChitChats Co-Founder  

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