StartupYourLife gathers the Moroccan Startup scene on its 2nd meetup

by Zainab Soulaimani, March 10, 2014

Last Friday night, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to attend the StartupYourLife 2nd meetup. Gathering VC investors, developers, designers, students and entrepreneurship enthusiasts in an effort to bring the entrepreneurial power in, the event tried to demonstrate how important the Moroccan startup scene is shaping the ecosystem.

 After grabbing my ticket in a hurry, I headed to’s locals to attend the meetup. The place was full of people networking and exchanging ideas, from young CEOs to startup lovers, from stakeholders to inspired people with a business plan, giving and getting advice.


 (Credits : Ali Lakrakbi)

The event started with a series of pitches with creative ideas and highly-motivated startupers.
Younes Qassimi pitched his Ev, an event management app for event planners as well as event attendees. Kenza Bennani presented her startup, mySportner, a mobile app designed to find the ideal partner for a sports activity in order to stay fit and healthy.

An energetic Omar Madi delivered a staggering pitch, drawing attention to the social impact of his new-born venture, Care, a clothing line based on crowdsourcing and “Buy one give one” strategy.

 I was delighted with the quality of the pitches mentioned above, but didn’t expect The Anou to be the most impressive and moving of them all. The Anou is an incredible user-friendly e-commerce platform built as a medium between Moroccan artisans and customers, empowering the manufacturers to sell their products online independently. Founders Dan Driscoll and Tom Counsell have taken on themselves to find a simple and sustainable solution to pressing issues like poverty and illiteracy for women to market their products and reach their audience. 

 Other pitches addressed several problems, such as Dabadoc, a web application for booking medical appointments, Jabeklah, a web platform for exchanging goods or KipInTouch, the mobile solution for managing business cards.

 The StartupYourLife staff later announced their personal projects, featuring Code for Morocco , a collaborating initiative aimed to redesign and restructure Moroccan governmental websites. Also,’s founder and StartupYourLife member Hicham Oudghiri made an exciting announcement, inviting every Moroccan startuper to start working on their next big thing by offering 150$/month worth of free cloud services, for a 3 years duration.

I was rejuvenated by the event because it showed how the innovation ecosystem in Morocco has a huge potential in self positioning on the startup scene, but work has to be focused on addressing the right issues and keep sustainable impact on both social and economical levels.


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