Mowgli Jordan's Fall Program

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    October 01, 2011

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    October 15, 2011

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Mowgli Jordan is now recruiting entrepreneurs for the next mentoring programme which will take place in October 2011. To get involved, you have to be quick!

This Programme is funded by the Arab Partnership Fund; a UK
Foreign and Commonwealth Office initiative to strengthen support to countries of the Middle East and North Africa. This
programme follows the format of our unique Mowgli Mentoring Experience. With 4-days of intensive learning and relationship building, and support from our expert facilitators, you’ll develop a framework to work with your mentor throughout the year, helping them grow and learn as business owners.

The workshop
Our year long Mowgli Mentoring Experience commences with an introduction to mentoring programme which incorporates mentee and mentor matching, relationship building and the development of a framework by which the mentee and mentor will operate for the remainder of the year long relationship.

The venue
This experience will take place in a (remote & peaceful) resort in Jordan, away from the daily hassles. Participants will enjoy the amenities of the venue, and some side activities such as walks along dirt roads or visit to local attractions.

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