The MIT Inventor's Handbook

This handbook was created by the Lemelson-MIT Program to address the independent inventor's and aspiring entrepreneur's most frequently asked questions regarding United States patents. We hope that this handbook will provide some helpful information on the patenting and commercialization processes.

    Chapter 1: What Is Intellectual Property?
    Chapter 2: What Can Be Patented?
    Chapter 3: Is My Idea Patentable?
    Chapter 4: How Do I Conduct a Patent Search?
    Chapter 5: Is My Invention Worth Patenting?
    Chapter 6: How Do I Apply for a Patent?
    Chapter 7: How Do I Prove the Idea Is Mine?
    Chapter 8: What Are Some Options to Commercialize My Patent?
    Chapter 9: How Do I License My Invention?
    Chapter 10: What Are Some Guidelines in Developing a Business Plan?
    Chapter 11: How Do I Raise Capital?
    Resources for Inventors


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