Abraaj Capital's Guide to Good Corporate Governance

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Abraaj Capital offers its views on best practice when it comes to Corporate Governance.

In Abraaj's view, how does culture influence behaviour?

- The conduct of business of every firm reflects certain ingrained behaviour, traditions and the application of unwritten rules and standards applied continuously over years;

- These factors become embedded and influence what a firm does – and how;

- So corporate culture influences the attitudes and behaviour of employees;

- Similarly, the manner in which employees conduct the business of the firm affects corporate culture – so corporate and personal culture are closely aligned;

- Personal commitment is an intrinsic criterion for good governance.

- Where the corporate culture is based upon sound governance standards and where the attitude and approach of individual employees are based on proper principles - the organisation’s work ethic is compliance oriented - a compliance culture prevails;

- A compliance culture means doing right things right.

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