BOOK REVIEW: Question, with Charles Saatchi



By Charles Saatchi

The premise of the book is extremely straightforward: Charles Saatchi, a notorious recluse who has been interviewed just twice in his career, collects many of the questions he has been asked by the public, the media and business associates over the years and, finally, answers them all. He then has it bound, printed and distributed. It’s like a well-presented FAQ section of a corporate website.

Of course, being Charles Saatchi, the advertising executive, agency owner and, latterly, patron of contemporary British art, the responses are anything but mundane. With stunning candour and no little self-reflection, Saatchi answers questions as broad as “How do you sleep at night?” and as specific as “How can I raise £5,000 in hurry?”, offering a compelling insight into a character much discussed, but little known. His intellect and knowledge of both business and art are revealed in an eminently readable book that might swallow whole hours as you seek another slice of insight.

Question, Charles Saatchi. Phaidon Press (2010)

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