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Business Edge is the brand name for the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) international range of management training products and services, specially designed for owners and managers of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It includes 36 different management topics in 5 different series, namely: Marketing, Human Resource, Production & Operations, Finance & Accounting, and Productivity Skills. Business Edge workshops are delivered by certified training providers that use Business Edge workbooks and trainer manuals to give you, the SME owner/manager, that “hands on” knowledge to better manage your business.

First launched by the IFC in Asia, where thousands of owners/managers of SMEs were trained, this success story is still growing. The Private Enterprise Partnership - Middle East and North Africa (PEP-MENA), IFC’s technical assistance facility in the region, is currently rolling out the product across the Middle East and training is now available in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, West Bank & Gaza, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Business Edge Workbooks and Workshops include topics on:

- Human Resource Management

- Finance & Accounting

- General & Operations Management

- Marketing Management

- Personal Productivity Skills

For more information about Business Edge, contact:

Michel Botzung (mbotzung@ifc.org)
John McKenzie (jmckenzie@ifc.org)
Sylvia Zulu (szulu@ifc.org)

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