Young President's Organization Brochure 2010

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Discover the power of mentoring at the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO).

Connecting to the right people, information and ideas has always been important. In today’s complex, competitive and interconnected world, it is absolutely essential. Great business leaders know their networks make the difference. The network that matters most is YPO.

Five Things to Know About Networking in YPO:

1. YPO starts at the chapter level, where business leaders in the same city or area form a close-knit peer network. YPO’s 15 regions create the next level of peer networking by connecting members from many chapters.

2. More than 50 Networks bring members together around shared business, personal and social enterprise interests. In addition, online Groups provide a quick and easy platform for connecting members on any topic.

3. YPO Forums provide the ultimate one-to-one connection.

4. The M2Mx member exchange is a powerful “go-to” network for members seeking advice and expertise on any topic.

5. YPO leverages the potential of social media technology to connect business leaders, but it is far more than a communication platform; membership remains a highly personal experience valued around the world by young chief executives with a commitment to each other.

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