Middle East ‘Twice As Likely’ To Buy 3d TV As Rest Of The World

This article was originally posted by Al Bawaba News.

According to a recent Nielsen report, the Middle East has more than double the interest and double the ownership of 3D TVs than anywhere else in the world. In a specially designed index, Saudi Arabia recorded a higher score than any other country, with the UAE coming in at tenth place out of 52 nations.

The results were divided into markets made up of: Middle East, Africa, and Pakistan; Latin America; Asia Pacific; North America; and Europe. The online 'How We Watch' survey took into account the responses from 27,665 participants aged 15 years and upwards. The highest 3D ownership or definite interest in ownership was among 25-29 year olds.

With 3D movies at the cinema already gaining widespread popularity in Middle East entertainment, 3D TV is poised to lead the future of broadcast, too. At this year's Gitex Technology Week, many of the most advanced 3D international brands will be tapping into a market that is almost three times more interested in owning a 3D TV than their counterparts in the United States and Europe.

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