Four Steps for Building Online Arabic Content

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It's well-known that there's a lack of Arabic content on the web. In 2006, Google released the oft-cited statistic that Arabic content does not exceed 1% of online content. Yet, as this recent post on Sindibad Business illustrates, the percentage has now risen to 1.5% or 2%. Here Sindibad offers four simple solutions to further solve the problem. 

Read on to see if you agree. Can we actually solve this issue using these four solutions?


Arabic content on the internet ... we have four simple solutions

The lack of Arab Internet content has become a popular topic for discussion in Internet or technology conference in the Arab world.

We don't know since when was the Arabic media so powerful for us to be surprised that the Arabic content online is weak.

Five years ago Google published a statistic that the Arabic content does not exceed 1% of the online content, and we thank God that after five years the number rose to 1.5% or 2%, and this rapid progress is to be envied.

Arabic books have weak content .. And this also applies on television (except in Ramadan) .. On newspapers the content is weak aswell .. And on the radio it's weak ...even arabic songs are shallow .... So no wonder the Arabic content on the Internet is also weak. Do not forget also that the educational curricula in the Arab world is weak and doesn't encourage to read and research.

Our efforts to improve the Arabic content online must be genuine, therefore we propose these four solutions:

   1. Reduce the internet service prices, so everyone can afford it.

   2. Investors should be giving out a lot of funds to support projects in the interest of content development and promotion of whether that content on the Internet or in books or movies

   3. Freedom of speech and expression, that will
definitely boost the Arabic content on the Internet and other media.

   4. Arab programmers should offer more
assistance on the technical support issues faced by users.

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