Meet the Semifinalists for the MIT Arab Business Plan 2010-2011!

Meet the semifinalists from the MIT Arab Business Plan Competition 2010-2011! These thirty teams that qualified for the second round of the Arab Business Plan Competition, and were invited to Beirut, Lebanon, to complete a round of training on writing a good business plan, led by Ken Morse, the Managing Director of MIT Entrepreneurship Center and the founder of 3Com, along with consultants from Booz & Co.

Read the whole list, or watch videos of their pitches to get a sense of what it takes to be a semifinalist!

Who do you think should win?

Here's a sample of some of the contestants:

Alaa Khalifeh of Egypt pitched 'Presto Wireless', a software-based program which offers a faster and more reliable internet connection by offering two possible internet connections at the same time (3G-Wifi or 3G-3G).

Karim Hussani of Tunisia pitched Tunisia Logistics, a company that has partnered with global logistics companies and is looking to expand locally to serve the increasing demand for a good logistics company in Tunisia.

Zaid Tufaha of Jordan pitched Taleb Tech, an online video training service & a training platform for the dominant technologies in the IT market, mostly focusing on training engineers on mobile platforms.



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