N2V Announces Two New Investments

N2V have announced in these two articles a new investment with Qaym.com along with a joint venture with AqarMap.com.


N2V Invests In AqarMap.com

We have the pleasure to announce our joint investment with several Arab executives in AqarMap.com, the leading real estate portal that is based on interactive Satellite Maps.

Our investment in AqarMap.com coincided with the investment of Jamal Al-muttareb, CEO of almuttareb group and Fadi Ghandour, MENA Venture Investments CEO.

In his comment, Rashid Al Balaa our CEO, expressed his delight regarding the new investment bringing together N2V and a number of notable executives, saying, “This partnership is highly important since it brings together renowned investment parties and is expected to improve the tools and methods of selling and buying real estate.”

He added, “This investment serves our current and future trends, chiefly represented in expanding our business regionally and globally in order to meet the accelerating needs of the real estate market in the Arab world, being one of the most significant and dynamic sectors.”

Al Balaa elaborated that they believe the new services and the interactive features offered by AqarMap.com will facilitate the use of the website.

Ahmad Takatkah our Investment Director , pointed out that the group follows strategic methodology in directing its investments, saying, “The group emphasizes on entrepreneurial ideas and added-value service projects, startup and established, that require support in order to grow and establish a presence in the business world.”

Takatkah added, “The motivation behind our partnership with AqarMap.com was not only the brilliant idea of its General Manager Amad AlMasoudi, but also the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit he enjoys. It is due to his passion that he started the project with no funding at all to prove that his idea is worth investing in. His passion gave him the courage to quit a great career path at a multinational corporation and start with what he believes is the next big thing in the Middle East market.”

From his part, Amad Almsaodi , Founder and General Manager of AqarMap.com, said, “I would like to thank N2V for believing in our vision. We have studied this market carefully, and we are absolutely ready to execute our ideas.”

Al Almsaodi  added, “N2V’s investment in our website will upgrade the level of services AqarMap offers to its growing number of users. There are many services that we have been considering and looking into. Now, with N2V, we will be able to embark on making them a reality. The importance of this investment is not only financial, but more about the quality and variety of services N2V provides to its partners, resulting in a valuable partnership.”


N2V Invests In Qaym.com

We have the pleasure to announce our new investment in Qaym.com, the Arab portal specialized in rating restaurants.

Investing in Qaym.com is the third investment N2V announces during this month, and it aims at diversifying the company’s investments in the Arab website, especially ones that offer new, add-value services.

“We are glad to invest in one of the important projects in the sector. It is a website that leaves a mark on every citizen, tourist, and expat that visits it,” the CEO said.

“N2V are interested in online entrepreneurial ideas and innovative startups that would help in elevating the Arabic content. We provide these projects with infrastructure, tools, and the expertise they need to establish themselves on the World Wide Web, servicing their clients optimally,” he added.

From his side, Eng. Jehad Al Ammar, Qaym.com CEO and founder said, “We welcome working with N2V, and are happy for their investment in Qaym.com, our website -that had previously received early stage investments from two angel investors: Abdulrahman Tarabzouni and Nichola Eliovits.”

Al Ammar added, “Qaym.com now is enjoying enormous presence amongst users regionally and internationally. We expect this investment to be an advantage for the portal. With the new design, features, and technologies, we are sure we have created a better, unique user experience for everyone interested in restaurants news, menus, and rating.”

Al Ammar noted that Qaym.com is interested in rating and categorizing restaurants in a professional manner, drawn from the members’ experiences to ensure transparency and credibility. The website’s interactivity allows users to rate everything between restaurants main courses and all the way down to commenting on deserts and rate the restaurants, reflecting the actual reality of the restaurant as experienced by its visitors.

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