10 Business Models That Rocked 2010

Every day more and more people are looking to learn great ways to make money. Both in the online and offline worlds people are starting realize that having a “job” and working 40 hours a week for 40 years is not the ideal way to live. So Board of Innovation put these slides together on techcrunch.com to outline 10 different virtual business models to make money.

Feel free to explore the business models here, join the discussions and suggest an idea they haven’t thought of yet.


1- Patientslikeme.com is a community paltform for patients.

2- Flattr.com is a service to structure donations for content.

Groupon.com is a broker paltform with exclusive discounts.

4- Spotify.com is a adbased freemium model.

5- Paywithatweet.com is a pay with the value of your social network.

6- Humblebundle.com is a succesful pay-what-you want formula.

7- In-App sales (cross-selling strategy) By offering the game (pr application) for free they try to get you in. If the experience is addictive, users are willing to pay for extras.

8- Quirky.com a co-creation platform + e-shop.

9- AiBnb.com is a one-sided matchmaking platform.

10- Kickstarter.com is a marketplace for ufnd seekers.


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