A Complete List of Startup Teams from Startup Weekend Cairo

This is a list of all of the teams and team members that pitched in the final round of Startup Weekend Cairo.

Patricipants: please feel free to send along more contact info for yourself or team, to nina [AT] syntaxdigital.com, or @9aa.


First prize: Inkezny – a mobile app that immediately connects you to the nearest hospital

Marwan Roushdy
Mohamed Fouad
Sara Hamdy

Second Prize: OffersMap – a location-based mobile app that displays local offers and deals in retail outlets

Mahmoud Khalifa
Ahmed AbouSamra

Third Prize: 7el.me – website for posting dreams, voting on the dreams of others, and funding dreams

Sherif Reda @SherifAhmed3
Amr Hussein @AjMoro
Ahmed Adbelalim @PHP_Architect
Abdallah Ehab @abdallahehab

Sarah Ismail

Fourth Prize: Media Island – a bilingual marketplace for content creators and buyers, with crowdsourced quality assessment

Mohamed Alborno
Ashraf AlShafark
Mohamed Nada
Sherif Ashraf

Fifth Prize and winners of The Best Mobile Application Award from Nokia:
– a time management application
Ahmed Rabieh
Maher Nagi
Yehia Zakaria

Sixth Prize: Sporbro.com – a website for doing sports partner matchmaking, i.e. finding the right partner for a tennis or golf game while you’re traveling

Ayman Abdelrahman
Ahmed Zahran
Hazem Khaled
Anas Emad


Alf Salama – a medical social network to connect doctors, patients, & NGOs

Mostafa Said
Mohamed Awwad
Hatem Abdelaziz
Hossam Hemaya
Ayman Samir
Ahmed Abou Bakr
Ghada Rashwan

Bintk – an online payment platform like OneCard or CashU

Ahmed Ghattas
Amr Samir
Ahmed Adel

Balooshy – an ad platform to help app developers generate ads

Ahmed Essam
Mai Medhat
Bahaa Galal
Ahmad Shreef
Nihal Fares

Cloud 11- A cloud computing service

Abdelrahman Waheed

Domvi – a freelancer job search site with a bartering system

Egypt Mabaad – a platform for connecting government agencies, professionals, and NGOs to facilitate training project for government staff

Mone Rabie
Heba Rabie
Jan-Philipp Gack
Hoda Darwish
Mohamed Noweir
Mostafa Magdy
Mohammed Ali

eTour – a mobile app and social network showing local information for tourists

Ahmed El Housseini
Karim Hashem

Fakkrny – a mobile app location-based calendar reminder service

Ahmed Soliman
Mostafa Zidan
Mostafa Sameh
Mohamed Hegab

filMall – a mobile app that shows deals & navigation in malls

Ahmed ElSharkawy
Islam ElMasry
Mohamed Refaat
Rana Tarek
Karim Raouf
Mohamed ElFeky

Hatgwez – A wedding wishlist site

Mostafa ElMehrek
Sarah Esmael
Mohammed Wahdan
Mohammed Monier
Huseein Khalil

iDriver – a location-based reality game

Yahya Sabry
Mohamed AbdelMaguid
Ahmed Said

Indoor 3D Guide – a “Google Earth” for the inside of buildings

Khaled el Kady
Hend Ismail

Menein – a site that helps you search for goods locally

a mobile platform for sending prescriptions in, avoiding the confusion of writing them down

NewsReader- A news filtering & aggregation site


Ahmed Medhat

OfferQ – an online discount aggregation site

Ahmed Elasra
Mahmoud Jameel
Shady Elasra
Mahmoud Ghoz
Mohamed AbdelKarime

Security Dashboard – an iPad app that demonstrates up-to-date information security instructions, how-tos, and news

Osama Kamal
Mohamed Makhlouf
Karim Gomaa
Mohamed Abdallah
Hoda Omar

Sharik – a charity and donor matchmaking application

Ahmed Bakr
Rofaida Abdelaal
Soad Hamdy
Youssef Aly
Alfred Nagi
Mahmoud Said
Mahmoud Abdelfattah
Hashem Zahran

Shattab.com - a platform for commissioning contractors for apartment services and interior design
Hatem Omar

Sout Effect (Jayyim) - an iPhone app that works as a real-time amplifier (pickup) for musical instruments
Ahmed Al Laithy
Tamer Deif
Marwan Osman

Tabshoora – a websites that facilitates the ease of crowdsourced feedback for freelance designers, allowing designers to track revisions and receive visual feedback

Hady Ahmed
Omar Mekky
Khaled Gomaa
Kareem Diaa
Waleed Fahmy
Mohammed Wahdan

Wasalny – a web and mobile app that gives directions and answers to logistical problems

Ahmed Fouad
Hgar Mohamed
Basayel Said
Yasser Elhamy
Hisham Said
Hussein Maher


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