A Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Egypt's Development: Key Recommendations

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The Brookings Institute has released a report detailing the events of a recent roundtable in March 2011 designed to provide a clear roundmap of support for Egyptian civil society in a post-Mubarak era, by detailing the challenges civil society organizations currently face as well as the recommendations of key stakeholders.

The key recommendations of the roundtable included:

I.    Coordinate: Support coordination efforts among Egyptian CSOs

- Provide technical support on networking and coalition building

- Strengthen linkages between different civil society actors

- Coordinate efforts in the US

II.    Scale-up: Support the scaling-up of successful existing models

- Support replication, technically and financially

- Support coalitions around relevant policy dialogues and reforms (medium to long-term):

III.    Sustain: Support sustainability & accountability of a vibrant Egyptian civil society

- Revise relevant donor strategies

- Support innovative and alternative means of local financing for CSO efforts

- Support civil society’s role as watchdog

- Organize study tours and exchanges for civil society leaders

- Support reform efforts of legal framework and bodies governing civil society

- Improve public awareness in media and support civic engagement in education

Download the key recommendations here to read the results in detail.

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