Gideon Simeloff of twofour54: What Investors are Looking For

Gideon Simeloff, the head of Ibtikar at Abu Dhabi-based investment vehicle TwoFour54, explains how TwoFour54 is creating a sustainable content creation industry in the region, and how its investment arm, Ibtikar, works to invest both in established companies and in ideas at the seed stage.

When asked what key mistakes entrepreneurs make, Simeloff points out that making mistakes is an essential part of the development process.

And when it comes to investing in an entrepreneur who only has an idea, what sets someone apart? Simeloff notes that the management team, talent, experience, and a good connection with your partners are important. But beyond that, earning the investor's trust and being reliable and coherent are essential.

"Trust is a massive factor. That doesn't get said [as] much. The intangibles are equally as important [in the investment process]."

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