How Effective Communication Structures can Make or Break a Company: Michel Nabti [Wamda TV]

Beirut-based organizational leadership consultant Michel Nabti explains the biggest challenge that he often sees in startups:

"Typically people who are starting up companies have great ideas, [and] technical expertise… [but] they are often challenged by what it actually means to manage their organization, going from very early with one or two or three partners, to a larger scale organization. That takes a very different skill set than entrepreneurialism [does]."

When it comes to building that managerial structure in a company, Nabti warns that top-down communication styles tend to dominate, but a healthy company needs a lot of bottom-up communication to occur in order to get vital information to key decision-makers.

Watch to see Nabti's take on pitfalls that startups, and consultants, can avoid.

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