Leading Startups to Scalable Success

Rashid Al Ballaa, the CEO of N2V, discusses N2V's four unique platforms for supporting entrepreneurs at seed and early stages, even those who have an idea but no team, to produce immediate results.

Rashid also discusses how N2V aims to help entrepreneurs create quick wins, and, most importantly, test the market and understand why they succeeded when they succeed, so that they can scale and replicate their idea.

"If you ask most of the big sites here in the Middle East, 'How did you succeed?' most of them will say, 'I don't know.' It was either organic growth, [or] that they filled a certain void at a certain time. But in order to replicate it, [you have to understand why.] This is the challenge."

What stands out in the entrepreneurs that N2V invests in? Ability to execute, and ability to truly know her market.

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