Maghreb Fast Growth 50

The All World network has launched the Maghreb 50, check out the press release bellow.


Maghreb Fast Growth 50

Tunis, Tunisia, 10 May 2011…Today, the Maghreb Fast Growth 50 is being
launched as a pioneering effort to identify and rank the fastest growing private
companies of North Africa, the companies creating the next jobs and industries.
With dramatic political changes sweeping the region, now more than ever it is
important to build a strong economic base to support growth and progress.

The application process is open to all private companies of the region who have
been rapidly growing in the past 3 years. Younger companies can qualify as Start
Ups to Watch. The Maghreb 50 will be published nationally and globally - giving
visibility to emerging company stars. The Maghreb 50 winners will also be eligible
for the Arabia 500 – a MENA wide ranking of companies, which will be announced
in November 2011. Entrepreneurs from any industry are invited to apply at, and there is no cost to apply. With a spot on the list,
emerging companies will gain visibility, a network of growth entrepreneurs, and an
invitation to the AllWorld Summit at Harvard University.

The Maghreb Fast Growth 50 is a program of AllWorld Network with Harvard
Business School Professor Michael Porter and in partnership with the Institute for
Social and Economic Development (ISED). AllWorld rankings also exist in Saudi
Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, India, Pakistan and Turkey.

Deirdre M. Coyle, Jr., AllWorld’s co-founder stated, “The Maghreb 50 will establish
the first definitive record of the fastest growing, most dynamic entrepreneurs in the
region. Now more than ever it is important that the world see the entrepreneurial
economy that exists. By showing the world these companies, it will inspire
confidence, facilitate access to capital, open new markets for entrepreneurs, and
point the way forward to create the next economy. We invite all companies to apply

“ISED is a strong advocate of innovation and growth and by partnering with
AllWorld we hope to recognize the entrepreneurial excellence that lies within the
Maghreb region and put them on the world map. In addition, the Maghreb 50 can
help strengthen the ties between the U.S. and MENA economies as Maghreb 50

winners will meet with their US and international counterparts,” said David Rinck of

The first Tunisian applicant for the Maghreb 50/Arabia 500, Slim Zeghal, CEO
and Founder of Altea Packaging stated, “We have just experienced a revolution in
Tunisia, a revolution for good, that will probably lead to gaining 3 to 4% growth
rate per year. However, in the short term, we need to get the world to believe
in Tunisia, in its economy, in its stability. The Maghreb 50 will showcase the
companies leading the charge. The companies creating the jobs and expanding
Tunisia’s economic base."

AllWorld was co-founded by Deirdre Coyle, Anne Habiby and Professor Michael
Porter. Professor Porter was described by the Times of London as the world’s “most
influential management guru” and is widely regarded at the foremost authority
on company and country competitiveness.
“The Maghreb 50 companies, led by
dynamic men and women, represent the leading edge of a new approach to the
region’s competitiveness” says Porter.

Coyle and Habiby co-wrote the 2010 Harvard Business review article – The High-
Intensity Entrepreneur. For more on AllWorld Network visit


Editor’s Notes:

Additional Background
The Maghreb 50 will also be part of AllWorld’s Arabia Fast Growth 500 regional
program. The winners will be published in national and international media. Under
the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania, the Arabia 500 and its Awards Gala &
Global Summit will be held on November 15-17, 2011 at the Dead Sea, Jordan.

Companies from all over the region, and from any industry, are invited to apply to
apply at Companies that apply are ranked based on their
sales growth between 2008 and 2010 and younger and smaller companies are
ranked as “Start Ups to Watch.”


Differentiate your company from thousands of others through your
performance. Winners gain local and international media attention that
draws new customers, investors, talent, and opportunities.

The top winners from each country are invited to attend the AllWorld Summit
at Harvard University. The winners will be trained in business strategy and
entrepreneurship with some of the leading academics and business leaders.

Network and build business relationships with leading fast growing
companies. In addition, be trained in business strategy and development by
the leading academics and successful international entrepreneurs.

Be a member of the exclusive AllWorld business network.


A private company - must NOT be a non-profit, holding company, a franchise
of another company, auto dealership, bank or power company

Have 10 or more full-time employees in 2010.

Have a minimum 3-year operating history and revenue (USD) of at least
$100,000 in 2008 and $500,000 in 2010. Younger companies can apply as
Start Ups to Watch.

Provide audited statements or an audit letter to confirm your company's


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