Why it's Important to Share Your Idea: Alex Tohme [Wamda TV]

Alexandra Tohme, a Digital Planner at Leo Burnett in Beirut, shares with Wamda her unique idea for creating an online lingerie store in Saudi Arabia that would allow women to buy lingerie without having to enter stores, which are typically owned by men. Alex- who is constantly developing new ideas- tells Wamda about how she researches her ideas and get support in developing them.

"You know what- a lot of times, a lot of [people say], 'Don't talk, because then people will steal your idea." And I really hate this mentality, because it means that no one's really collaborating. As soon as I have an idea, I like to talk about it with so many people because I know that I don't have all the answers; I just have ideas. If I get it to as many people as possible, they'll start coming up with solutions, and we can work together," illustrates Tohme.

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