Finance 101 by Riyada Enterprise Development [Wamda TV]

Watch Riyada Enterprise Development's Finance 101 Workshop, a Wamda Exclusive tutorial, to learn the basis of negotiating investment at your company.

Learn how the investors think, and what you should consider before approaching investors.

In Part One of a workshop conducted at TiECon Pakistan, Saqib Rashid and Farhan Zaidi of RED's investment team address:

- what defines a company as asset-heavy or asset-light, and how investors approach these two types of companies

- how to weigh the benefits of equity versus debt as means to finance your company

- how to accurately estimate the amount of investment that you need

- how investors view risk at different stages of small business development

- how to assess the divide between investment from family and friends, and investment from a fund.

- the advantages of private equity investment, and how it differs from venture capital

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