New Startup Seed Fund Tenmou Launches in Bahrain

Tenmou, a new seed stage investment vehicle, has launched in Bahrain this week. The fund, the country's first business angel company, is composed of local angel investors who are seeking to provide startup capital and mentorship for high-potential Bahraini entrepreneurs in small teams (2-4 people) with new ideas and intention to scale regionally or globally.

Tenmou's startup package includes up to BHD 20,000 (around USD $50,000) in the first round of funding and three months of mentorship, after which startups can present their model to investors for further rounds of funding.

The fledgling fund joins a slew of incuabtors and seed funds that have risen in the Middle East over the past year, including (Tahrir)^2 in Alexandria, Egypt, PlugAndPlay in Cairo, and Oasis 500 in Jordan.

Interested startups in Bahrain can apply for funding through the Tenmou website.

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