The Arab Social Media Report Volume 1: Facebook Use 2010

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Volume One of the Arab Social Media Report, released by the Dubai School of Government's Governance and Social Innovation Program in January 2011, assesses Facebook use in the 22 Arab countries over the first quarter 2010. The report assesses penetration rates, demographics of Facebook users, and relation between penetration rates and international indices such as the Human Development Index.

Notable results:

 - The UAE has the highest level of Facebook penetration in the region, and ranks in the top ten globally, with 45% of the total population having a Facebook account.

- Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, and Kuwait round out the top five countries in the Arab World for Facebook penetration.

- Youth between the ages of 15 and 29 compose 75% of Facebook users throughout the Arab World, which is notably higher than the average proportion of youth in the same age bracket in Arab populations (around 40%).

- On average there is a 2:1 ratio of male to female Facebook users in the Arab region. Lebanon is the most gender-balanced of the Arab countries when it comes to Facebook use, followed by Bahrain, Jordan, and Tunisia.

- Facebook penetration does not correlate with internet penetration, but does appear to correlate with the Human Development Index (HDI).

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