Five Websites Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From

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When it comes to new information, the internet is inconceivably large. We can spend endless hours surfing the net, and still not reach the end of it. While some websites offer nothing more than mindless fun- who would have known that cat videos can be so popular?- other sites provide you with an opportunity to learn from the best and educate yourself.

Here are five you should be spending time on today:

1. Much has been said about the Khan Academy recently but no one has done it justice. It’s one of my favorite websites. You can spend hours watching videos on topics as varied as the credit crisis, the math curriculum in Singapore, and organic chemistry. Entrepreneurs should be particularly focused on the finance section, exploring valuation and investing, venture capital and capital markets.

2. NewThinkTheatre: This is a regional favorite, and one that I have spent countless hours on. NewThinkTheatre is a site launched by Maher Kaddoura, a person I truly admire. Maher has put his career as a successful consultant behind to focus on encouraging entrepreneurship in the region. Now, at NewThinkTheatre, he interviews some of the region’s leading entrepreneurs in his unique style, which blends honest questions, astute observations, and an excellent sense of humor, resulting in insightful and memorable interviews.

3. AcademicEarth: I often visit AcademicEarth to stay current on some of the topics I enjoyed when in university. This website features some excellent videos from universities all around the world, and I am still amazed that it’s completely free. Check out this short video from Stanford which features some excellent advice from Ron Herman.

4. Youtube Education: YouTube offers an excellent repository of educational videos from all over the world, including courses from Yale, Harvard, Stanford, MIT and the Berklee College of Music!

5. This is an excellent website for watching interesting videos from various conferences. The videos are quite professional and include talks and interviews by some of the world’s leading experts. Check out the technology channel for some excellent videos on start-ups, trends and more.

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